The people who journeyed from Portnamurry on 14th September 1607

Duine d’uireasa ar chéad, wrote Tadhg Ó Cianáin, who himself was one of the “one less than a hundred” who set out on that long and storm-driven sailing to continental Europe.

(Historians have found it difficult to establish with certainty the names of all who left Rathmullan. Some of the names traced, only joined in the last stage of the journey from Flanders to Rome in 1608.)

  The Flight of The Earls: The people who journeyed from Portnamurry
  The O’Neill Party
Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone
Catherine Magennis (Hugh O’Neill’s 4th wife)
3 sons of Hugh O’Neill - Hugh (son of Hugh and Siobhán O’Donnell), Baron of Dungannon, aged 22; Seán aged 8 and Brian, aged 3, (sons of Hugh and Catherine).
Art Óg O’Neill (nephew of Hugh) and Art Óg’s wife
Feardorcha O’Neill, another nephew of Hugh,
Hugh Óg O’Neill, a grandson of Hugh
Hugh (son of Henry) O’Neill, a relative of Hugh.
Henry Hovendon, Hugh O’Neill’s grandnephew and secretary.
George Ichingham, a soldier
Richard Weston, merchant
John Rath, captain of the ship
Stephen Bath, a soldier
Christopher Plunkett, a soldier
2 Quinns, Murchartach and Patrick
Seamus MacMahon and his brother
George Moore, Peter Preston and Patrick Rath (Soldiers?)
Hugh MacVeigh
Edmund de Burgo and Éamonn Breahnach (if these are not variations on the name of one person)
George Cashel
Franciscans - Fr Robert Chamberlain (or Mc Arthur), and Fr Thomas Strong
Chaplains: Fr. Partick Duff (Hugh) and Fr Patrick Lorcan (Catherine)
Donncha O’Hagan
5 priests, 6 clerical students
Pedro Blanco (a survivor from the Spanish Armada disaster more than 20 years before)
A teacher, A nurse
Several attendants
Úna Sheil, aged 13, attendant to Catherine
About 7 other servants
St. Leger, a young man who had killed another and was under O’Neill’s protection
Tadhg Ó Cianáin, a scholarly chronicler who kept a journal of the journey from Rathmullan to Rome.

The O’Donnell Party
Rory O’Donnell, Earl of Tir Chonaill, younger brother of Red Hugh
Cathbharr O’Donnell, Rory’s younger brother
Rose O’Doherty, Cathbharr’s wife
Nuala O’Donnell, sister of Rory and Cathbharr, separated from her husband Niall Garbh O’Donnell when he joined with the English forces against her brother Red Hugh in 1600)
Hugh O’Donnell, aged 2, son of Cathbharr and Rose, born with 6 toes on one foot – believed to be a portent of greatness
Hugh O’Donnell, aged 1, son of Rory and Brigid Fitzgerald. Brigid was pregnant and staying with her people in Maynooth at the time of the Flight and so was unable to travel.
2 other O’Donnells
7 O’Gallaghers
3 McDevitts
Eoghan Rua Mac a’ Bhaird, poet
Fr. Colman, Rory’s chaplain
Some other priests
5 clerical students
Matthew Tully, Rory’s secretary who had come with Cuchonnacht Maguire on the ship from France.
Donagh O’Brien returned to Ireland on the ship with Maguire.
David Crawford, a Scotsman who served as Rory’s butler
Muiris, Rory’s young servant
Several soldiers
A number of servants

The Maguire party
Cúchonnacht Maguire, chieftain of Fermanagh
2 gentlemen - in - waiting
A number of servants

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